Portrait Project / Zumbrella Shoot Thru Umbrella

Just finished an interesting magazine project on entrepreneurs.  During a declining economy these folks all seemed to be thriving thru good business practices and lots of hard work.  I really enjoyed shooting them and am looking forward to seeing the complete magazine piece published.

All photos for this project were taken on location using a shoot-thru umbrella for the key light (Alla David Zeiser – I use David’s Zumbrella) using small speed lights (Nikon SB-900s) for the light sources.  I love using at least one kicker or hair light to introduce the feeling of depth in my photos.  I like to think that the use of this extra light or two marks my portrait style, hopefully separating me a little from my competition.

If you would like more information on the Zumbrella go to Davids Blog http://digitalprotalk.blogspot.com/ and check out his resource tab.  Great photo advice as well.

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