Effortless Portrait Lighting

It is often the case that less is more when it comes to photographic lighting.  A case in point is this outdoor portrait of Sandra Natale done for a series of photos to help illustrate her Herbal LIfe promotions.  After shooting the expected traditional studio photos I brought her outside into the bright sun.  By shooting from the North side of the property I was able to keep the sun at her back.  I simply added a 4′ x 6′ Larson reflector to the right side of her face and this is the resulting photo.  Shot with a Nikon 70-200mm lens on aperture priority it was an easy task to make the background go out of focus and capture the beautiful back and rim light on my subject.  The Larson reflector was custom made for me providing a silver surface on one side and a bright white on the other.  Larson makes a great product and switching back and forth from silver to white is a quick process.  No strobes here.  Just used the KISS principal. (keep it simple, stupid)

1 thought on “Effortless Portrait Lighting

  1. Great portrait Bob!!! Bet she loved this one… love the colors in the background. Did you use the Silver Side or White Side for this??? I’m thinkin’ White.

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