Do it better all the time!

The topic often comes up discussing why professional photographers are losing business to week-end warrior freelancers and soccer moms with a camera.  We pros are all frustrated that these new photographers are taking our work and ruining the business of photography.  I say stop complaining and do something about the level of your work. New technology makes it pretty easy for the untrained to produce some very acceptable photography.  The price of admission into this business has dropped to an all time low.  No longer does one need decades of lab experience or technical training to produce a properly exposed, focused color photograph.   If the pro photographer’s work looks just like that of the amateur than how can you blame a client for choosing not to book with a professional.  Especially when the price difference can be considerable.  As professionals, we must offer the client much more.  More creativity, better service, the highest standards of excellence and reliability and we must do this consistently.  If you as a professional are producing work that looks like the work done by entry level want-a-be photographers than quit complaining.  You have no argument.  Give your clients something special all the time.  Prove your worth…..MTC/BL

Professor Desmond Lun was photographed at Rutgers University recently for use with a story about his DNA detection and identification research.  The assignment was made possible because the client needed a photograph that could not be produced by point and shoot technology.

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