Restarting Your Engine

From time to time I think it is good to venture outside of my comfort zone and push the envelope a little from that which I am accustomed.  So, each year I like to take a photo trip and engage in a different type of photography from my day to day corporate work.

This year I traveled to Page Arizona and produced what some might call fine art travel photos.  A sampling is shown hear with more available at my newly created Fine Art Gallery on my website.  Just go to and click on my gallery menu.  You will see my fine art gallery listed there.  I hope you will enjoy this work.  I’ll post more from this trip from time to time.FineArtWeb

1 thought on “Restarting Your Engine

  1. Such impressive work, Bob!! You are certainly an intelligent, creative, and multi-talented guy!! Sue……P.S. I’m a bit of a drum and bugle “groupie!”

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