Run from the Sun – Inclement weather photography primer.


Another rainy day today.  Rain and cloudy skies have been the norm of late.  Many of us will pack away the camera and wait for the sunshine.  This is a bad mistake  since overcast skies and light rain makes for the best images one can ask for.  The sky turns into a huge soft box creating soft shadows and lovely mid tones.  The photos above were taken as a light rain fell from overcast skies during the last few days.

Take advantage of inclement weather to provide interesting and unusual photographic opportunities.  Go outside and get a little wet. There are multiple rain covers available to protect your gear or you can simply make your own using a plastic bag and rubber band.

Shown below are examples of the commercial items as well as a homemade solution.  They all work the same, allowing you to capture amazing photos during less than ideal weather conditions.  These covers also provide excellent dust protection when shooting in blowing sand.

So – When the sun goes in and the clouds come out – go outside and make amazing photographs.


L-R, OpTech Rainsleeve, AquaTech Cover and Home made rain hood                                   




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