2013 / The Year of Giving Back

There is a great organization out there called Help Portraits.  Check out their information at: http://help-portrait.com/about/our-mission/  Basically thousands of photographers agree to donate their time on a given day each year to provide free of charge, beautiful portraits to people who would ordinarily not be able to afford one.  I plan on participating in this event this coming year.  As photographers we are so lucky to have been give a talent that can provide both a creative outlet and financial and social rewards.  This is a wonderful way to give something back and say thanks for the benefits we all enjoy from this amazing way of life.

I was unable to take part this last year but I did have a chance to do something similar.  The Twin Oaks Community Services organization asked If I would volunteer to do a fashion shoot for six teen age girls living in a group home in our area.  They wanted to provide these teens with a total makeover and give them a really special Christmas present. Volunteers from Albert’s Limo Service, Moxie Blue Salon and Twin Oaks gave the girls an amazing experience all topped off by a fashion shoot for each after they had completed their makeover.  A first time experience for the girls, and one they will remember for a long time.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the expressions on their faces when they viewed the previews on the back of my camera.  I was truly lucky to have been involved in this event.  In this case I received so much more than I gave.  I can’t show you the results out of respect for these girl’s privacy.  A few photos general photos from the event are below.






1 thought on “2013 / The Year of Giving Back

  1. I started an internship program at work that has been really rewarding, but I would like to get involved in something like this or in Krystle’s be1photography stuff.

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