Blair Phillips LR-2 Light Cart

Hey – Its been too long between blogs and I have tons of stuff I want to share with you all.

Will try to catch up in a few closely spaced blogs so I can get current before the end of the year.

First I want to tell you about a great new product I’ve been using.  I saw it demonstrated last year at the PPA convention and have been using it myself now for a while.  Love it.  Its called the LR-2 light cart and it simply incorporates your ket light, battery and camera bag all in one really nice, easy to move around unit.  I work as a one-man-band and moving lights from one location to another can be a real problem.  Contact Blair Phillips at to learn more.  Take a look at my simple set up using the LR-2.ImageImageImage

2 thoughts on “Blair Phillips LR-2 Light Cart

  1. Yo, Bob – – –
    Neat rig. I’m sure you have customized it to your own needs, too. Fits nice in the SUV but I see trouble trying to put this in a car trunk, which Blair’s web site suggests as an option. Since it is made of tubular metal there are ways to clamp and mount other stuff, too. This guy is in NC so Ringo needs to hook up with him. I like the big manly tires on the cart and besides looking strong like an Army truck if you have to shoot outdoors in the mud . . . well, never mind. Your One Man Band needs connect nicely to this product.
    One thing needs fixin’. The first portrait of the guy is too low res, or something. Not sharp when I view it on my super-dooper Macbook Pro. Also, OK a second “thing”, to my eye there seems to be a lot of magenta cast in the shot of the woman you brought outdoors, sun at her back. Great shot of Kate. My my how they do change fast. Hope she’s doing well.
    We have a new and first great grandson who kept us busy for a couple of days during and after his arrival. J F –

  2. Very neat product, I have been debating how I want to handle my lighting needs. The only time I’ve ever done a shoot (of sushi) I managed it with a couple of cheap white umbrellas and 2 clamp lamps from home depot. I filled in a bit more light with an on-camera flash. About as unportable as you can get.
    Always nice nice to see how the pro-half lives 😛

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