A New Beginning

What better way to begin the new year than with a new blog and website. I have begun the painful process of re-doing my website and blog. This was made necessary due to the demise of Apple’s Mobile Me account. I had used Mobile Me to host my website and blog for the past few years. Apple has announced that it will no longer offer web hosting, galleries or many of the other tools I used to share and distribute photos. So, as of January 1st I will be switching over to Photo Shelter. They will host my site, my storefront, an FTP site and a few other goodies I’ll talk about soon. All my present contact information will remain the same so don’t worry about finding me on the web. All my URL and email information will stay as it is now.

Now for some proud papa news. Below is a photo I took of my daughter recently after she graduated from Drexel University’s PA program. She received her Master’s degree and the distinction of becoming a Physicians Assistant. She worked very hard to accomplish this and I am very very proud of her accomplishments. – Nikon D3s / 85mm f1.4 lens at f.4

Kate Laramie PA-C / Photo by Bob Laramie

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